Elon Musk and All About His Internet Dreams

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Ever heard of Elon Musk and his crazy ambitions?

Well from making cars and your home all electric (Tesla). To linking brains to computers (Neuralink). To sending that same electric car into the space with dummy astronaut onboard. The world’s heaviest rocket launcher everything built by his own company – SpaceX. Yes, the same company which pioneered the booster reusing process. Here the booster after separation lands back on Earth at a precise landing pad – all by itself. The videos of the same have gone crazy viral and look some sort of rewind of a rocket launch!

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The same company has come up with the idea known as project Starlink. A mission to beam the internet to every nook and corner of the world through micro-satellites! Not just one or two or 50 or 100 satellites, but a constellation of 11,000 satellites. All these orbiting the earth and beaming down high-speed internet on every possible coordinate!

           Image Source: Florida Today

In the first phase of project Starlink, Elon Musk’s company SpaceX is ready to launch a set of 60 satellites. And these are packed in the Falcon 9 rocket which would cover a part of the planet and start beaming down the internet. Interestingly Elon Musk himself noted that the first mission is likely to go wrong. It would take 6 more similar launches to achieve minor broadband coverage and make internet beaming seamlessly possible. As per some reports, the first phase would involve a group of 4409 satellites to be launched followed by a second group of remaining satellites.

     Image Source: Teslarati

But this is not an Elon Musk original idea. Rather an idea which is quite popular among every other private space company. So much like Blue Origins founded by Jeff Bezos (the Amazon guy), Softbank backed One web, Leosat, Telesat and even Facebook has plans to launch a bunch of satellites to beam internet throughout the planet! If so many hot shots are trying their hands on this internet beaming idea then why would Google be left behind? The search giant has shown much interest in launching its own satellites and creating a chain of them. This, as a result, would beam down lightning fast internet.

       Image Source: Florida Today

All this is possible through placing these micro-satellites on the low Earth orbit. Or what we call LEO altitude in space lingo. So, the satellites remain in the range of 300 to 800 kilometers above Earth (Space officially begins from 100 kilometers above Earth). LEO satellites remaining closer to earth can collect vast amounts of data and also lookup up in the sky as well. Hubble space telescope and international space station (ISS) are both in the LEO orbit. By placing these internet satellites in an orbit closer to earth it would be easier to beam down the internet directly. This, in turn, would lead to no hindrances or disturbances in the emission of radio signals.


With so many companies in the fray, Elon Musk’s SpaceX is the only company which has officially launched plans to launch 60 of these into the Earth. So what do you think?

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