Every New Tech Release You Must Know This Techtober

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While it is true to tech releases take place all year, October is an especially exciting month for technology lovers. That’s why it has an apt name called Techtober. This year is no exception either, as a wide range of companies is coming together. They will unveil their most awaited products this month. So if you are looking to invest in the latest products, read on to find out more about the upcoming launches in the market:


1. Amazon Echo Buds

The Amazon Echo Buds release comes in as a rival competitor to the AirPods. Amazon is coming up with many products linked with Alexa, and the Echo Buds fall in the same category. Right off the bat, you can see how comfortable they are – with size ranges you can choose from so that they fit your ears perfectly. You can adjust the level of outside noise to be canceled, and that adds to an increase in the overall sound and music quality with this product. Slated to be released on October 30, Amazon Echo Buds are actually cheaper than AirPods too.


2. GoPro Hero 8

GoPro Hero 8 has been improved and modified in many ways to give you the ultimate user experience. Firstly, the way you mount the camera has been changed completely. Earlier, using the housing and putting the GoPro in mounting accessories was a hassle. With the use of magnets and flaps, the whole process just became way easier.

The GoPro can be adjusted accordingly when not in use so that the flaps lie on the same plane then. So if you want to get hold of the SD card or the battery now, you can do that without having to remove the camera from the housing frame. The user interface has also been revamped – now, you can get more things done with fewer taps.

Apart from that, you can also attach LED lights and microphones to the GoPro. This is a feature that is especially helpful for vloggers. This product will start shipping from October 15th.


3. Facebook Portal


In light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal from last year, Facebook claims to have taken measures to ensure user privacy and security with the updates Portal series. Portal allows you to chat on video in a bigger and better manner. You can link the product with your TV and use that as a screen too. If you wish to not allow Facebook access to the microphone and monitoring, you can do that as well. You can make calls via Facebook Messenger as well as WhatsApp now – thus giving you the ability to choose from a wider range of contacts.

Apart from that, users can watch videos and listen to music on Portal from different platforms. Some of the platforms are Amazon Prime Video, CBS All Access, Pandora, and Spotify. The device can be awakened with a simple “Hey, Portal” command.


4. OnePlus 7T


iPhones at their exorbitant price ranges are not everyone’s cup of tea. If you want to splurge less and get the best of camera and software too, the OnePlus 7T is the best thing happening this October for you. Watching movies on your phone can become an enhanced experience with this phone, owing to its 90 Hz fluid display.

The 20:9 aspect ratio is one of a kind and makes the phone highly useful for a variety of tasks and purposes. You can glide through it while managing daily work tasks. Also, you can watch your movies on a bigger screen, and get the best of the gaming experience on your phone too.

For users worried about blue light, the OnePlus 7T excels there as well, as it promises a major decrease in blue light. This feature increases the safety of the user. For mobile photographers, this phone is a dream come true, as it comes with a 48 MP camera, lets you take stunning photos at night, and offers various wide angles shots as well.

So, if you are looking for a great phone that will let you explore your photography skills at a much better price, keep an eye out for the OnePlus 7T.


5. Echo Dot With Clock


The most prominent feature about this product this time around is that it now comes with an inbuilt clock. Reports have shown that users kept asking Echo Dot to tell them the time. They also asked how much time is left – all of which led to shifting the use of these smart speakers.

For that very reason, Amazon has added the clock, so that a simple glance at the product can tell the user the time.

The product is around ten dollars cheaper as well.  This change is expected to drive in more purchases for the product over time.

This version of the Echo will come in three new colors – adding on to Charcoal with Sandstone, Heather Gray, and Twilight Blue. You can choose from two prices for the product and it is going to be released on October 16th.


6. Echo Smart Oven


Amazon may have outdone itself with this multipurpose oven – and it is powered by Alexa as well. You can use this one oven to air-fry your food, cook using the convection, and warm up your food as well. If you want to check the temperature of the meal you are cooking, you can make use of a probe to do the same. There are 30 commands that can be employed throughout the cooking process with Alexa.

But perhaps the most exciting feature is the Scan to Cook option. It allows you to scan many prepackaged foods, like those from Amazon’s very own Whole Foods. After the scanning is done, you can program the oven with voice commands to preheat and more so that it gets ready for cooking.


Some Final Words

The month of October truly sets off a great spree of products and devices being released. From Facebook to GoPro, the lineup is diverse in use as well. It is interesting to see the many revamped products this TechTober! Also, how the companies hope to rise about rivals and previous scandals.


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