Everything to know about iOS 13

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IOS13 has been warmly welcomed in India, especially since Apple has kept its commitment to the Indian people. This is by increasing more number of India specific features in the iOS 13. It can be seen that Apple is trying to increase its market area in India which can be witnessed by the drop in the price of iPhone XR and a moderate price of iPhone 11. In this article, we have discussed the best features that come in the iOS 13.

1. A new Siri voice:

Indian English has been included as a new Siri voice, both in male and female versions. Earlier in the iOS 12, the Siri voices were American, Australian, British, South African and Irish. In case you want to change the language to INDIAN ENGLISH, then go to settings, look for Siri and search and then go for Siri Voice.

2. Limitations on mobile data and app download:

In the earlier models of iOS, there was a restriction that no app more than 100 MB can be downloaded while mobile data on iOS. Later on, the limitation was raised to 200 MB but it was a problem for the areas where Wi-Fi connection is not so good. Now in the new iOS 13, this problem has been completely solved as there no mobile data limits anymore. You will have to change your settings to ‘always allow’, which can be done by visiting settings, then further selecting iTunes and App stores, then go for app downloads then you can finally select ‘always allow’.

3. The Hindi keyboard:

Although in IOS 12 there was a Devanagari keyboard, it was not used much as it did not have predictions, so people preferred transliteration keyboard for English to Hindi translation. But now in IOS 13, there are predictions for the Hindi keyboard, therefore feel free to you it. For doing this go to settings, then to general, select keyboard there, then go for keyboards, further for add new keyboard and finally click Hindi.

4. A number of Indian languages:

New keyboards in the iOS 13 have been introduced that feature fifteen new Indian languages. In fact, after this iOS 13 comes with all the 22 official Indian languages. The keyboards introduced in the new modal are Assamese, Bodo, Dogri, Kashmiri, Konkani, Manipuri, Maithili, Nepali, Sanskrit, Santali and Sindhi. The language keyboard can be changed in the same way as for Hindi.

5. Optimise the download time:

If you are an active user of video streaming apps such as Hotstar and Netflix then there is good news for you. The two apps would be able to optimise that when they should download the shows and movies you wish to watch. Netflix also has this feature of smart downloading earlier. These apps will look for themselves and will not download the videos when a mobile data connection is congested, it would download when it receives a good network connection.

6. Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth connection:

If you are wondering what some new feature has been added to the two then we are sorry to disappoint you. It’s just that your long route has been cut short. Instead of going through the settings and then choosing the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection you can open control centre and long-press the Wi-fi icon, then it would reveal a number of Wi-Fi connections available near you and then you can choose one.

7. Safari tabs:

if you have developed a habit of leaving the Safari tabs: I open or forgot to close them, in such a case iOS 13 has brought a great solution for you. You need to go to settings, then to safari and further for close tabs. There you will find a number of options you can select from such as after one day, after one week, after one month or keep it manually if you think you will eventually read these pages someday.

8. Make use of bookmarks in Safari:

If you think that closing the Safari pages not such a good option for you, then iOS 13 has a feature which allows you to save these files or pages as a bookmark. You just need to follow some steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to Safari
  2. Tap and hold the bookmarks option for a few seconds.
  3. Now click on add bookmarks for tabs.

In this way, a bookmarks folder for all the tabs would be made.

  1. Then you will have to give a name to this folder and finally save it.

9. Mouse connectivity to the iOS device:

Now Apple allows you to connect a Bluetooth mouse with your iOS device. Although a Bluetooth mouse that makes use of a dongle would not work with the device. You will have to use a Bluetooth mouse that does not use a dongle to connect with the other device. If you have access to this kind of Bluetooth mouse you can pair it with your mobile, after following the given steps:

  1. Go to settings and choose accessibility.
  2. Then further choose touch and user it assistive touch.
  3. Then go for devices option and finally Bluetooth devices.

10. Using Safari download manager:

Now in iOS 13, the safari allows you to download files and manage these through Safari download manager. you just need to click on any file link then Safari would ask you to download it, so you can click on it.

After taping the download option you will that a downloads icon has appeared on the top right. You can use this option to check the status of your download. If you want to change the location of the download then you need to go to settings, select safari, further go for downloads and then choose the destination where you want to save it. With the help of remove download list items, you can also delete the earlier downloaded you do not require anymore.

There are a lot of new features that iOS provides, these were the most important and commonly used ones.

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